CIVITAS study tour in Tallinn


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A CIVITAS MIMOSA Study Visit in Tallinn to learn about the city’s innovative public transport system.

Study Tour Tallin 2014

On 22-23 May the city of Tallinn (capital of Estonia, 400,000 inhabitants) hosted a study visit on making public transport more attractive for citizens.

CIVITAS VANGUARD was able to co-finance the participation of urban mobility experts up to a limit of €700.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about three CIVITAS measures aimed at improving public transport services: the Public Transport Communication System, the new Ticketing System and ‘Mobility management: making public transport more popular’.

The city of Tallinn also presented the results of a year of free public transport for its residents. The measure, in place since January 2013, aims to increase the use of public transport and therefore reduce road congestion.

In order to provide an attractive and high quality public transport service the city is also investing in new buses and trams and adopted a system of e-tickets.

Tallinn has been promoting the concept of sustainable mobility to tackle road congestion since 2005; the city has now set the ambitious goal of becoming Green Capital of Europe by the year 2018.

For further information please see or contact the CIVITAS Secretariat at anja [dot] decunto [at] eurocities [dot] eu

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photos of the Study Tour in Tallinn

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Author: Anja De Cunto





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