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Tirana (Albania)

Tirana, the capital of Albania, is the largest urban centre in the country. The Albanian metropolis is the education and research hub of the country. It has the highest number of universities and schools, with approximately 52,000 students from all over the country going there to study. Tirana is also the economic centre of Albania and 40% of foreign capital invested in the country has been invested there. The capital of Albania is the country's model of successful change. It is also home to the largest shopping malls in the country, whilst also being its hub for artistic, cultural, social and sports activities. With its nature, ecology and traditions, culture, folklore, archaeological sites from all periods, museums and historical monuments, Tirana offers opportunities for the development of various types of tourism.

Tirana aims to encourage walking, cycling and the public transportation as the main mobility solutions for their citizen. More concretely making walking and cycling the easiest choice for short distance trips and public transportation the easiest choice for medium and longer distance trips. In order to achieve this, the municipality is working on improving the safety and comfort of vulnerable road users (people walking or cycling) and offering more street space for people and nature.

Tirana is also implementing several actions in the city to improve the use of the bicycle:

  • Finalization of the minimum grid: improvement connectivity and provide continuous network;
  • Increase safety by speed reduction, where cyclists are not segregated from car traffic;
  • Protection the existing cycle lanes effectively against parking cars;
  • Installation more and better bicycle parking;
  • Cycling education in schools and kindergartens.

Get to know more about the sustainable development of the city in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the City of Tirana and in the Green City Action Plan


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