Szczecin (Poland)

Szczecin is the capital city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland, with a population of 407,811 inhabitants. It is the country’s seventh largest city and the largest port in Poland on the Baltic Sea. The city focuses on development for livability, which includes shift towards a more sustainable transport system.

At present, there are no data about the modal split in the city of Szczecin. Complex traffic research for the city is being prepared and will provide information about the preferences and expectations of public transport users. The main aim of this research is to support the organization of road traffic, including trams and buses and the promotion of these modes to citizens.. A traffic model will be drawn up using the collected data and will provide the basis for developing public transport solutions in the city.

The city’s strategic approach to transport management is defined by the Integrated Development Plan for Public Transport for the period 2004 to 2013 and the Transport Policy for Szczecin City. The main targets of the plan and policy incorporate environmental protection; improved road safety and security; and improved quality of public transport. Although progress was slow up until 2005, changes have begun to take place since then. A proportion of the existing trams and buses where exchanged for new, more environmentally friendly models, and the tracks are being continuously modernized. In 2009, nine SOLARIS Urbino 12 and five SOLARIS Urbino 18 buses were purchased by the public transport company SPA Klonowica.

Forthcoming plans for 2010 include the purchase of further low-floor buses and new low-floor trams; environmentally friendly bus conversions; the development of a central traffic management system; and the development of a passenger information system that links all modes of public transport

The city cooperates on sustainable transport issues with the University of Szczecin’s Faculty of Economics and Management, the Association of Communications Engineers and Technicians, the Szczecin Bicycle Association and the Polish Tourist Association (PTTK).

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