Skawina (Poland)

Skawina is a town which is located in Malopolska province in the metropolitan area of Krakow. Skawina is located in a large valley on the right bank of the river Skawinka, which is the right tributary of the Vistula river.

Along with the 16 surrounding villages it covers an area of 100.2 km2 and currently has almost 42 thousand inhabitants. Lying in the immediate neighborhood of Krakow, Skawina is distinguished by the level and growth rate of urbanization, strong connections with Krakow's education system services, including banking, labor market and certain common solutions in the field of road infrastructure and technical support. The main advantage of Skawina is a large potential of human resources, including people with secondary and higher education. In Skawina district there are around 70 non-governmental organizations, which and support municipal authorities in developing idea of civil society. Skawina authorities put a lot of emphasis on international cooperation, which is realized through maintaining good relations with twin towns and conduct mutual actions.

Twin towns:
Thetford (England); Roztoky (Czech Republic); Hürth (Germany); Turčianske Teplice (Slovakia); Civitanova Marche (Italy); Przemyślany (Ukraine);

Transportation systems:

Roads network
The location is beneficial of attention proximity A4 motorway (Jędrzychowice – Korczowa) and the National Road No. 7, in this section being the expressway S7 and the National Road No. 52 located south of Skawina . Through the municipality running very important in the local roads network national road nr. 44 and province road nr.953. Currently being built next section of Skawina’s ring road what is crucial investment  for the town. DK bielsko

Bus Transport
Bus transport in Skawina is based around network of bus lines operated by a municipal company from Krakow named Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A., supplemented by a number of private minibus operators.

Railway Transport
In Skawina are two railway lines and nine operate stations. The main railway station is located just outside the Town Centre around 400 m from Skawina’s main square. Rail transport are organizing by public operator. Additionally Skawina is one of the cities considered in plans of Suburban Train System, associated with the city of Krakow.

Airport Krakow Balice is located within 13 km from Skawina. It has many fixed direct connections with Western European cities.

Future plans
Using funds of new EU financial perspective 2014-2020, Skawina want to redevelop  transportation system in the municipality. A useful document in the realization of these plans is the Mobility Plan for Skawina, which was accepted this year by the Town Council. Primarily, it assume , that  public transport will be based on comfortable and  punctual railway transport, which is organized by provincial authorities. Lauching the Suburban Train System will be the main element of public transport in the communication with Krakow and other cities. In relation with this project, local authorities want to create the Skawina’s Communication Center, which will be the place integrated different type of transport. Besides, center will be consisted of Parking P&R, Bike&Ride and parking Kiss&Ride, and also BUS station. It is also planned to create a system of Park&Ride parkings next to several railway stations in the municipality of Skawina. An important task is to build pedestrian and bicycle paths network, that will improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Complement of ongoing projects, also will be education, information and promotion about sustainable mobility. All these activities are aim at the development of sustainable transport in the municipality of Skawina, where inhabitants use environmentally friendly types of transport.

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