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Samsun (Türkiye)

Situated on the northern coast of Türkiye, Samsun is a major Black Sea port. It serves as the administrative capital of Samsun Province, which is home to over 1,300,000 people, 710,000 of which reside in the city itself. Positioned strategically at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Samsun embodies a fusion of diverse influences, reflected in its cuisine, festivals, and urban fabric. The city's geographic location and historical significance contribute to its prominence as a hub for commerce, tourism, and transportation.

In terms of transportation, Samsun offers a variety of public transit options to facilitate mobility within the city and beyond. The city's bus network provides extensive coverage, connecting various neighborhoods and suburbs, while dolmuş (shared taxis) offer flexible and affordable transportation. Additionally, Samsun boasts a modern tram system, providing efficient travel along key routes within the city center. However, like many urban centers, Samsun grapples with transportation challenges such as traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours, and the need for infrastructure improvements to accommodate the growing population and tourism.

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