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Roman (Romania)

The municipality of Roman is located in Neamț County, in the North-East Region, and has a strategic position, in the centre of the historical-geographical region of Moldavia, in an area where several communication routes of European and regional importance converge and a population of 65,205 inhabitants. In order to implement the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Roman, a series of steps have been completed, such as: conducting a comprehensive traffic survey, developing a transport model, detailed analysis of the current situation regarding urban mobility on all existing modes of transport, analysis of existing infrastructure, correlation with other documents of strategic programming and spatial planning.

Urban mobility projects aim to achieve integrated and sustainable corridors and urban regeneration. When it comes to integrated corridors it is meant among other interventions: streets on which public transport will run, bicycle lane arrangement, sidewalk modernization, underground sewers for networks, modernization of green space alignment, replacement of lighting poles, video surveillance, passenger boarding stations. There is also the need for these corridors to be sustainable and for this, the following actions are being proposed: streets on which there will be interventions for the widening of the sidewalks, the restructuring of the road surfaces, possibly the introduction of bicycle tracks, plus elements of urban furniture, vegetation. Urban regeneration is another key point that is being worked on, which involves integrated intervention on the spaces between the blocks, creating pedestrian alleys and bike lanes, introducing underground parking lots, and using the surface space as green space.

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