City of Regensburg

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Regensburg (Germany)

Regensburg is a city in Bavaria with a medieval centre cataloged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From its foundation as an imperial Roman river fort, the city has been the political, economic and cultural centre of the surrounding region. The city of Regensburg is among the top sights and travel attractions in Germany.

The City of Regensburg faces the challenge of managing the increasing traffic volume in a sustainable way. The existing bus system is being continuously improved and electrified step by step. In parallel, Regensburg wants to build a tram line in the next ten years. In addition, many new mobility services such as bicycle, scooter and car sharing are available as emerging mobility options and the City of Regensburg is researching the use of an autonomous vehicle to complement public transport.

Get to know more about the City's Mobility Plan here.

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