Prizren city

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Prizren (Kosovo)

Prizren is the second most populated city of Kosovo and it is often refered as the cultural capital of the country. With many summer festivals and the most beautiful city center in the country, Prizren has what it takes to become an interesting destination for foreign tourists. Prizren used to be called the "Jerusalem of Kosovo" because people of all religions lived together peacefully here for centuries. Mosques, synagogues, orthodox churches and the catholic cathedral are witnesses of this past.

The municipality is working on encouraging mountain and cultural tourism and protecting of its natural, cultural and historical heritage. One of the challenges the city has faced was the lack of municipal budget and funds to finance the investment of new technologies and mantain them afterwards. But now there is a local economic development program focusing on promoting small and medium enterprises and also certain sectors: pomology, viniculture and farming.

Regarding the city's urban mobility goals and current mobility challenges of Prizren, the municipality is working on developing and enhancing the physical infrastructure of the city. To support these objectives, an efficient governance and local administration are key to progress on them.

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June 2022

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