Podgorica (Montenegro)

Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro.

Podgorica is situated in the middle part of Montenegro, between coastal and mountain area, in the corridor of powerful tourist courses. It represents the main demographic, political, economic, traffic, cultural-educational and scientific centre of the state. In Podgorica there are 190000 inhabitants which is almost one third of the total population of Montenegro.

Podgorica is a city whose development began in the fifties of the last century. Now it is a modern city with lots of greenery. Podgorica is situated on the banks of several rivers. So there are many bridges.

All the major traffic flows in Montenegro pass through Podgorica, with the exception of maritime transport.

The plans are being developed related to the transport infrastructure including two future highways, Bar-Boljare-Belgrade and Adriatic - Ionian highway. Both highways passing through the territory of Podgorica. Preliminary work on the construction section of the Bar Boljare on the territory of Podgorica started last year.

City policy is guided by the principles of sustainable mobility in the manner of choosing public transport. City has prepared a Study of long-term development of urban and suburban transport. Priority was given to public mass transport which is performed by buses.

Podgorica has favorable climate and topographic conditions for the development of cycling. In Podgorica, as well as in other cities of Montenegro, number of cyclists is growing rapidly in recent years. Bike paths  - Corridor 1 of 2.8 km and several smaller corridors have been built by the city. This year, the corridor of bike paths of 2,6km will be built.
Pedestrian traffic is significantly improved by building space primarily intended for the pedestrians, who are used to the movement and gathering of citizens.


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