Örebro (Sweden)

Örebro is a city of 143,000 inhabitants, located 200 km west of Stockholm. Örebro is a university city and also a logistics hub with good access to national road and rail networks. The city is working on a package of measures for a more sustainable transport system.

The city of Örebro demonstrates a modal split of 54 percent car, 8 percent public transport, 25 percent bicycle, 11 percent pedestrian, and 2 percent other modes.

Sustainable transport has been high on the political agenda in Örebro for at least 10 years. Nowadays there is a wide understanding among the public about the need to work on measures restricting car use while also promoting sustainable alternatives.

Since 2008 Örebro has had a sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) that sets priorities for work in the field. The main challenge is to reduce car dependence and car accessibility in the central parts of the city. This is not only for environmental reasons, but also to create a more attractive city and avoid congestion problems. Significant efforts go toward maintaining and, hopefully, increasing the high share of cyclists.

Since 2010 the city has also has a climate strategy in which transport has an important part. But here, the focus is mainly on the regional travel because trips within the city are generally short and therefore less important in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

After several years of work, a revised SUMP was adopted in 2014. The mobility plan includes objectives and general principles for traffic in the city, and it also serves as an umbrella for a range of standalone documents, among them a cycling strategy, a parking policy and a programme to combat noise pollution.

The municipality has been involved in several European projects in the field of sustainable transport, among them Baltic Sea Cycling (lead partner), Bustrip, CHAMP, and Push & Pull (ongoing).

The city has also promoted clean vehicles and alternative fuels. Specifically, new biogas production plant opened in 2009, and now all the city’s bus run on this fuel.



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