Offenbach (Germany)

Offenbach am Main, Germany lies on the southern bank of the River Main next to Frankfurt am Main. In 2009 it had a population of 118,770. Offenbach was a centre of the leather industry, and is still home to the Deutsches Leder Museum and also the international leather fair.

According to a 2011 weekday travel behaviour survey, Offenbach's modal split broke down as follows: 31 percent by foot, 7 percent by bike, 4 percent by car as passenger, 39 percent by car as driver, 7 percent by bus, 11 percent by regional rail (S-Bahn) and 1 percent as "other".

Public mobility in Offenbach includes a wide variety of interlinked means of transport. Besides six intra-urban bus lines, four S-Bahn lines keep people mobile. Another two bus lines offer direct links to Offenbach's larger neighbour Frankfurt and to the district of Offenbach. These lines are operated by the local transport operator Offenbacher Verkehrs-Betriebe GmbH ( Four regional train lines enrich the mobility offer and four regional bus lines and five night lines include stops in Offenbach.

Offenbach's local transport authority Nahverkehr in Offenbach (NiO -- offers additional transport options in co-operation with several service providers. Car sharing, for example, is offered by the operators Stadtmobil GmbH and German Railways (the latter under the brand name Flinkster Cars). Seven rail stations in Offenbach offer rental bikes by Nextbike GmbH, and since 2010, two electric cars and 15 pedelecs have been available for rent at Offenbach's Marktplatz. The electric vehicles are offered at the eMobil-Station (, operated jointly by NiO, OVB and the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund region.

As part of the regional association Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV,, Offenbach is well connected to the supra-regional public transport system. The RMV region covers approximately 14,000 sq km and within this area, public transport carries nearly 660 million passengers per year. Throughout the RMV region, public transport tariffs are integrated and a common ticket is accepted on all means of transport.

Updated: August 2013

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