Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)

Newcastle upon Tyne (often shortened to Newcastle) is a city of 274,000 inhabitants located in the metropolitan borough of Tyne and Wear, England. It is the largest city of Northeast England, 455 km north of London, and also well known for its tilting pedestrian bridge...

Newcastle demonstrates a modal split for work-based journeys of: 42.5 percent for car (single occupancy); 13.9 percent for car-share; 14.5 percent for bus; 0.8 percent for rail; 18.6 percent for the Tyne and Wear Metro underground; 1.9 percent for cycling and 6.4 percent for walking

The city's strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by the Local Transport Plan “LTP2” of 2006. This will be superseded by a third local transport plan in 2011. A sustainable transport policy for Newcastle and the neighbouring metropolitan borough of Gateshead is currently under development.

Progress toward sustainable transport has been mixed to date. Achievements have included innovative measures such as setting up a car club being a front-runner in the delivery of green technology for electric vehicles. Congestion rates have begun falling in the city over the last two years. Challenges have included collaboration with neighbouring authorities, and working with transport providers to ensure that the best package is offered to customers to persuade them to travel sustainably. Future plans include the further development of electric vehicle technology.

Newcastle works on the implementation of sustainable urban transport measures in cooperation with Nexus, One North East, Highways Agency and the Tyne and the Wear LTP team.

Summary finalized: June 2010


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