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New Propontida (Greece)

The Municipality of New Propontida is an area with unique characteristics. The lack of integrated urban and transport planning, the proximity to the urban complex of Thessaloniki that generates daily commuting, its situation as a crossing point at the entrance to the holiday areas of Kassandra and Sithonia, the fact that it is a popular tourist destination with its population increasing significantly in the summer season, the contrasts of the coastal zone and hinterland, and others have created a number of traffic issues and pressures in terms of mobility.

The challenges that the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which is under preparation, must be faced include, among others, the following:

  • Traffic congestion phenomena being intensified during the peak period of tourist activity
  • Limited percentage of use of alternative modes of transportation (bicycle and pedestrian)
  • Limited use of public transport

The aim is to review how the trips are organized and carried out, in particular:

  • Ensuring the seamless accessibility of pedestrians and people with disabilities
  • Development of cycling infrastructure and increasing the trips made by bicycle
  • Appropriate regulation and organization of the road infrastructure
  • Enhancing the quality of public transport services
  • Managing on-street and off-street parking problems. Strengthening the Municipality’s identity (city-branding) and creating characteristic landmarks of the city

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November 2018

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