Milan (Italy)

Milan (Milano) is a city of 1.3 million inhabitants, located in the plains of Lombardy. It is the second largest city in Italy. The Milan metropolitan area has a population of 7.4 million. The city management pays attention to the development of the public transport, as well as alker and biker facilities.

The city of Milan has no specific data on modal split. However, it is working to increase the share of public transport by reducing travel and wait times, better integrating the different modes of urban transport, more strategic positioning of interchange stations in the network, extending the integrated fare system (including the integration between public transport fares and the individual mode costs), and creating more comfortable transport vehicles, stops and stations. The city’s public transport system consists of the main railway, underground and tramway networks, and is integrated with the networks of the towns surrounding Milan.

The Urban Mobility Plan was created by Agenzia Mobilità e Ambiente in collaboration with technicians from the Municipality and approved by the Council in March 2001. It is a strategic plan encompassing investments and innovations, whose main purpose is not to provide new infrastructure but to rationalise what already exists. Before this, the City Council approved the General Urban Traffic Plan in May 2000,

The main objectives of the urban mobility plan are to reduce traffic congestion, increase transport safety, improve the quality of the transport services, stimulate technological innovation, reduce environmental impacts, and rationalise freight transport.

The city is also working toward the modernization of the railway and local public transport and road networks, while at the same time is interested in developing new projects. There is no further data available, however, about the partnerships Milan has realized in the implementation of sustainable urban transport measures.

Summary finalized: July 2010



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