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L-Imsida (Malta)

L-Imsida is a harbour town in the Eastern Region of Malta with a population of 7,623. The town is located just west of Valletta on the northeast coast of Malta. The town enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry, sunny summers and short, cool winters. It has to contend with flooding from the sea, especially in winter, as the city center and surrounding areas are partly below sea level. Some years ago the street directly at the harbor was raised by half a meter to accomodate for the flooding.

Given the small size of Malta, all cities benefit directly from national mobility intiatives and investment. In April 2024, Malta Public Transport announced an €8 million investment in public transportation. Thirty new buses were acquired, so as to improve the reliability of the bus service, while catering for the rising demand for public transport in the country. The Malta-wide public transportation app, Tallinja App, continues to be updated for increased functionality.

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