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Konya (Türkiye)

Expanding the scope of the existing transportation master plan and encouraging and supporting non-motorized transportation are among the urban mobility goals of Konya province. We aim to increase the bicycle trails from 550 km by 2022, to 720 km by 2030 and to develop a bicycle courier system that will increase the visibility of bicycle use in society. These strategies strive to reduce the co2 emissions and climate-neutral goals.

Other urban mobility goals of our city include enhancing the railway system and increasing the inventory of the railway system vehicles. A metro line project and suburban railway projects already exist with an approach towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation. Therefore, CNG and electrical busses will be installed in the city.

The biggest challenge for our city is its scale and the population. This situation requires a vast service area for a high population, requiring a systematic network of urban mobility. The amount of traffic affecting the city at rush hours is a big concern in the design of the mobility network. Finally, we cannot forget about the costs required to develop the infrastructure and inventory.

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41.000 km²

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February 2022

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