Kocaeli (Türkiye)

Kocaeli Province is at the easternmost end of the Marmara Sea, at the Northwest edge of Turkey. Its capital is Izmit (population for 293,339), which is sometimes referred to as Kocaeli itself. Because of the size and natural conditions of the Bay of İzmit, the city is a giant natural harbor -facing environmental challenges...

According to internet research, the modal split for Kocaeli is one percent walking, 39 percent bus and 60 percent in favour of the car. However, there is currently no data readily available on Kocaeli’s mobility strategy or policy.

Online research shows that the length of the bus network is 1095 km and it is served by 292 lines (30 municipal and 262 private). The “Mexican model” of reorganizing independent minibus routes into a formal bus rapid transit system is intended to be applied in Kocaeli, to help relieve congestion and reduce emissions. The city also has 2 km of pedestrian/30km per hour shared space zones.

Current online resources suggest the city’s cycling infrastructure is planned to be further developed. However, there is no data available regarding the challenges Kocaeli faces in implementing its urban mobility measures, nor on the partnerships it relies upon.

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