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Keratsini-Drapetsona (Greece)

The city is neighboring with the major logistics port of Greece, in the wider port and urban area of Piraeus. It is developing rapidly through continuous transformations, after the removal of critical industrial and productive activities, most of them located along the coastline. New public spaces are created, and old abandoned buildings are looking for new land uses and human activities. The aforementioned procedure is affecting a local community of low and medium class households (old and new genres of refugees and immigrants), strongly dependent on motorized mobility, as the metropolitan public transport network is not covering in the most efficient way the area. At the same time, Keratsini-Drapetsona is a city with rich modern history, strongly connected with the working class and its culture, still very vibrant and struggling for the upgrade of its habitants’ life.

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9.32 km²

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September 2022

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