Kavala (Greece)

The Municipality of Kavala  consists of the Municipal Units of Kavala and Philippi.


City area​​351,35 km2
Average age43


The Municipality of Kavala is almost the whole of a typical urban coastal area of ​​the Greek region with its peculiarities, problems and potential.

The settlement of Kavala, as an urban area, brings together the administrative functions that serve all the inhabitants of the Regional Unity of Kavala, while for the Balkan region, it plays the role of the Trans-European Axis gateway to the Aegean Sea, the center of international trade axes, and is characterized as an important hub of the country's "S" development.
The port and the airport meet the needs of a wider region and, in combination with its cultural and commercial character, make it an important recreation and tourism destination.

Regarding its economy, tertiary employment is characterized by growth almost double that of other sectors.
In the urban planning characteristics of the settlement the soil morphology has influenced urban space. The development of the urban fabric takes place linearly, alongside the marine front, as the mountainous volume and intense altitudinal curves make it impossible to extend the structure to the north, as evidenced by the density of saturation building in some areas. As a result, the strong anarchic construction exhibited by most of the half-residential areas directly affected public open spaces. Unfortunately, in some segments, dense construction makes it difficult or even prohibits pedestrian crossing to the coastline, while free spaces are absent, with the consequence that the launch of research programs for the redevelopment of sections by local actors creates positive prospects.

There are no data about the modal split.

The SUMP will be developed 2019.


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