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Karpenissi (Greece)

Karpenissi (also spelled Karpenisi; in Greek: Καρπενήσι) is a town located in central Greece and the capital of the administrative region of Evrytania, surrounded by the southern part of Pindus mountains - from the north by Mount Tymfristos (2,315 m elevation) and Kaliakouda (2,101 m) from the south. The town (municipal unit) covers an area of 250.9 km2 with a population of around 8,500, while the municipality stretches over an area of 948.6 km2 and has over 13,000 residents. Within the municipal unit of Karpenissi there are fourteen units (communities): Agia Vlacherna, Agios Andreas, Agios Nikolaos, Fidakia, Kalesmeno, Karpenisi, Koryschades, Myriki, Papparousi, Pavlopoulo, Sella, Stefani, Stenoma and Voutyro. The community of Karpenisi has a population of over 7,000.

In antiquity, Karpenissi was known under the name Oechalia and ruled by king Evrytos, inventor of the bow. Nowadays, Karpenissi is a popular ski destination in this area of Greece. Visitors enjoy dramatic landscape unusual for the Mediterranean area.

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