Hunedoara City

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Hunedoara (Romania)

In the past few years Hunedoara’s Municipality main goal has been to promote sustainable multimodal urban mobility and reduce CO2 emissions, as a result of improving the efficiency of public passenger transport, its frequency and journey times, accessibility, transfer to it from private transport by cars; as well as transfer to non-motorized modes of transport, increasing the attractiveness of using public transport and non-motorized modes at the expense of private transport.

The local authorities continuously invest in transforming Hunedoara city in a competitive, attractive and sustainable city, with a high quality of life and quick access to all points of interest, based on public and non-motorized transport.

Currently, three major urban mobility projects are being implemented which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, will increase the number of persons using the public transportation system, the number of pedestrians and the number of persons using the bicycle as the main means of travel, while ensuring their safety in traffic. Bike lanes, the bike-sharing system and parking lots in residential areas are meant to change the modal quotas at the expense of using the personal car and therefore contribute to increasing the quality of the public space.

In addition, the extension of pedestrians and the improvement of pedestrian connectivity between tourist attractions and leisure facilities, allow the development and diversification of cultural and commercial infrastructure.

Check Hunedoara's Mobility Plans here and here.

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