Gateshead (United Kingdom)

C is a city of 78,000 inhabitants, located on the southern bank of the river Tyne, opposite Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Gateshead is the largest city in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead. The city is alos known among experts of the "famous for the "Gateshead Interchange" where trains meet metro and bus lines...

Modal split data was not obtained for the city of Gateshead, however it was available for the Tyne and Wear metropolitan area of which Gateshead is a part. According to data from the 2002 Labor Force Survey, the split in Tyne and Wear was 4 percent for heavy rail, 3 percent for light rail, 16 percent for busses, 68 percent for cars, 9 percent for walking and nothing for bicycle.

Gateshead’s strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by the Tyne and Wear Local Transport Plan 2006-2011, which was prepared by the Borough of Gateshead and four neighbouring local authorities. Its main objectives are:
• maintaining and improving levels of personal accessibility and linkages within, between and beyond the boundaries of Tyne and Wear;
• ensuring transport systems, especially public transport networks, are safe, secure and free from the fear of crime whilst reducing the incidence and severity of transport-related accidents and casualties;
• tackling transport inefficiency arising from excessive demands and operational constraints on transport systems by delivering sustainable measures to combat congestion; and
• reducing the adverse impacts of transport on our environment, especially with regard to air quality, noise and its contribution to climate change and resource consumption.

Major accomplishments as detailed in a 2008 progress report on Tyne and Wear’s Local Transport Plan included:
• construction of showpiece new bus station for Eldon Square;
• construction of a new metro station at Simonside;
• opening of the Felling Bypass bus lane in Gateshead;
• reconstruction of a bus station at Washington Galleries; and the
• launch of North Tyneside’s “Cobalt Clipper” bus service.

Partnerships are key to transport development in the area. The Local Transport Plan itself is the product of a well-established partnership of the local authorities of the Tyne and Wear area -- South Tyneside, North Tyneside, City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and the City of Sunderland - and the Passenger Transport Executive, Nexus. These partners work with key stakeholders in health, education, and employment services to plan and implement the transport package.

Summary finalized: July 2010

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