Dun Laoghaire (Ireland)

Dún Laoghaire - Rathdown County Council is a local authority serving 206,261 inhabitants (2011 census) on the east coast of Ireland. Its head office is based in the town of Dún Laoghaire (anglicised as "Dunleary"), a scenic, suburban community off Dublin Bay about 12 km southeast of Dublin City Centre. It hosts many festivals and events each year.

According to the 2011 census, the modal split in the Dún Laoghaire - Rathdown County Council area for journeys to work, schools and colleges was 37.1 percent for private car as driver; 14.7 percent for private car as passenger; 13.8 percent for walking; 10.4 percent for bus, minibus or coach; 11.7 percent for rail; 5.1 percent for bike; 0.7 percent for motorbike and 4.5 percent for other modes.

Sustainable travel policy is set out in the County Development Plan 2010-2016 and Council Cycling Policy 2010 (see www.dlrcoco.ie). These documents reflect the core elements and objectives of national transport policy, i.e. Smarter Travel: a Sustainable Transport Future and the National Cycling Policy Framework (see: www.smartertravel.ie).

The vision in the County Development Plan is "to promote the integration of land use planning with the development of a high-quality, sustainable and integrated transport system in order to facilitate the county’s overall economic well-being and competitiveness and to ensure the movement of people and goods in a manner that improves ease of access for all, enhances quality of life, and helps secure the protection of the environment."

The vision of the Council Cycling Policy is “to cultivate a cycling culture, through the implementation of appropriate infrastructure and promotional measures that positively encourage all members of the community to cycle at all life stages and abilities as a mode of sustainable transport that delivers environmental, health and economic benefits to both the individual and the community”.

In the field of sustainable transportation, the Council can count a number of recent achievements made possible by working closely with elected politicians. Key transport projects were carried out in cooperation with various other stakeholders, including:



  • the extension of a Light Rail Luas Line in 2010 with nine new tram stops in the county.
  • development of the cycling policy in 2010 and the nomination of a cycling champion (elected politician) and cycling officer.
  • construction of new pedestrian and cycle greenways around the county.
  • an ongoing programme for the upgrade of pedestrian and cycle facilities around the county, including the provision of facilities at junction crossings for the mobility impaired and disabled.
  • completion of a cycling network assessment for the whole county that prioritises a network of cycle route upgrades and new routes.
  • roll out of bicycle parking and the introduction of a number of bicycle counters around the county.
  • provision of cycling training for more than 1,500 children annually in primary schools.
  • development of the Walking Bus Guidelines for schools in 2010.
  • establishment of a mobility management plan network and the development of the Area Wide Mobility Management Plan in the Sandyford Business Park, the first in Ireland.
  • roll out of electric charging points around the county, in conjunction with ESB.
  • ensuring that sustainable travel is a key element in the development management process and local area planning.
  • the launch of a feasibility study for the introduction of a public bike hire scheme for Dún Laoghaire town.

Summary finalised: August 2013



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