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Çankaya (Türkiye)

Çankaya's main thematic areas are behavioural change, active mobility, public participation and co-creation. From their point of view, these three areas are highly interrelated. In their studies to increase active mobility, it is important that the actions taken should be in line with the needs of people living in the region. In this respect, participation of citizens during the planning process is critical for the city. Furthermore, it is also necessary to encourage people using sustainable mobility infrastructure, thus soft measures, such as awareness raising and marketing campaigns can be important. In practice, some challenges can be encountered in achieving the goals set in these three areas.

The population in their district is very dense. This density limits the effective use of infrastructure built for active mobility. Also the frequent changes of residents in the region can prevent the use of the infrastructures from turning into a habit for people.

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May 2022

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