Cagliari (Italy)

Cagliari is a city of 158,000 inhabitants, located on the island of Sardinia, Italy. It is the capital of the Sardinia region and lies 360 km southwest of mainland Italy. It is proud of its fine white sand of its Poetto beach, as well as the reliable bus and tram network in the city...

Cagliari’s modal split breaks down as 60 percent for private car (drivers and passengers), 16 percent for cycling and waling, 14 percent for public transport (bus and tram), 7 percent for motorcycle and 3 percent for train.

Cagliari began developing an urban mobility plan in 2006 and was approved in July 2009. The plan is complex and ambitious, defining medium and long term goals for transport development. It sets out infrastructural, technological, managerial and organisational measures. Overall it aims to reduce accidents and increase safety; reduce the level of air pollution and noise; and improve the quality of life.

The Cagliari Public Transportation company provides public travel services around the city and suburbs via approximately 30 bus lines and one recently completed metro line (as many as three more lines are planned). The bus system in particular is notable for its efficiency and reliability.

To help reduce congestion and streamline urban mobility, the company launched a series of projects to incorporate new technologies and solutions for transport, including telematics tools. The company also took part in the drafting of a series of project proposals and funding requests for research and technological development at the regional, national and European levels.

Summary finalized: July 2010

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