Brest (France)

Brest metropole oceane is an agglomeration of 210,000 inhabitants, urban heart of a 400.000 inhabitants territory (the “Pays de Brest”), located in Bretagne in northwestern France, 580 km west of Paris. Brest is well known for the Pont de Recouvrance (a massive drawbridge 64 m high), its military arsenal and the rue de Siam (Siam Street).

The city of Brest demonstrates a modal split of 25 percent pedestrians, 8 percent public transport, 64 percent passenger cars, 0.5 percent motorbikes, 0.5 percent scooters, and 0.7 percent bicycles.

Its strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by a mobility plan that was passed in 2002. This has resulted in a sustainable urban transport plan, the main targets of which include controlling the increase in traffic; organising and coordinating the urban development of the agglomeration; adapting the road system to local characteristics; and constant improvement of the public transport system.

Achievements to date include infrastructural innovations and developments, such as development of the pedestrian areas, raising the percentage of bus lanes in the city, building a light-rail line (that ensures easy access from the agglomeration to the city centre), consistent cycling network with a long-term cycle rental service, improvement of the traffic flow, and developing traffic management by building roundabouts at busy junctions. Special emphasis on clean vehicles and alternative fuels has been demonstrated through the introduction of low-emission buses with EURO 6 emission rates. Future plans include further development of the bicycle network, the construction of a cable car system to cross the river in the city center (expected availability 2015) and the composition of a combined urban mobility and housing master plan.

Brest is working on the implementation of sustainable urban transport measures in cooperation with the University of Western Brittany (UBO).

Summary finalised: May 19, 2009, updated: August 2012



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