Biala Podlaska (Poland)

Biała Podlaska, a town situated in the central east of Poland, close to the border with Belarus, with 58 000 inhabitants now, used to belong to one of the most famous and influential Polish noble families of The Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Radziwiłł family. The revitalized town center and its renovated tenement houses have preserved their unique and old architectural pattern. The town residents proudly remember the culture of their ancestors, but at the same time they are open to the new.

Biała Podlaska, located close to the major European transportation corridors: East - West, is one of the major administrative units of the region. There is no industry in the town, but there are small and medium business entities. However, the town natural advantages, a well-developed network of educational institutions and rich resources of national heritage make Biała Podlaska, an attractive place to live. The town is modern, well-balanced and it assures appropriate life quality both for its inhabitants and visitors.  

Since 2005 a brave project to improve the quality of the town public transport has been carried out in Biała Podlaska. Strategies and projects for mobility rationalization in urban areas have been implemented. Their aim is to change people’s preferences from using private transport to promoting public transport, bike-riding and walking. In the last years the number of people using public transport has increased by 20%. This result is the outcome of organizational changes of public transport and fulfillment of big, as for the town, investment projects. Zarząd Komunikacji Miejskiej [Management of Town Public Transport] , a budget unit, is in charge of the town public transport. In the town there are 11 bus lines including these connecting the town and adjacent villages. The bus fleet has been modernized and new buses with the capacity of min. 100 places fulfill the Euro 5 standards on combustion. Electronic tickets are Karta Miejska [Town Ticket Card], family tickets and semester tickets for schoolchildren and students have been introduced. In cooperation with institutions of higher education a free bus ticket for students has been implemented.

 Biała Podlaska is one of the first towns in Poland to start participating in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). This document lays out basic aims of planned development of sustainable mobility for Biała Podlaska: availability and life quality, sustainability, quality management, social equality, residents’ health and environmental quality.

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