Aranjuez-Madrid (Spain)

Aranjuez is a city of 48,000 inhabitants, located at the confluence of the rivers Tagus and Jarama in Spain. It lies 48 km south of Madrid and is well known for the Palacio Real de Aranjuez and its vast gardens, one of Spain’s royal residences. Sustainable transport aims the revitalization of city center.

Aranjuez demonstrates a modal split of 81 percent private vehicle, 12 percent bus, 0.9 percent bicycle, 1.9 percent train, 2.7 percent train plus private vehicle, and 1.5 percent train plus bus.

Its strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by a mobility strategy that was passed in 2005. This has resulted in a sustainable urban transport plan, the main targets of which include revitalising the commercial function of the historical centre, reducing traffic in the city centre, improving mobility conditions for public transport passengers and pedestrians, and meeting the mobility needs of new investment projects.

Achievements to date include innovative measures in the field of urban goods transport and transport management. Special emphasis on clean vehicles and alternative fuels has not yet been demonstrated. Future plans include the definition of an arterial preferential road, the introduction of new restricted access zones (only for pedestrians), and integrated parking solutions at street level and underground.

The city of Aranjuez is working on the implementation of sustainable urban transport measures in cooperation with private companies and El Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid to improve mobility in the city.

In 2010, the city carried out feasibility studies for a "safe routes to schools" scheme. Pilot projects were carried out in two schools, mainly focusing on walking school buses, but also involving some traffic regulation and signage improvements.

The city has several cycling-promotion programmes including an automated bike-share system, Aranbike; a service to accept donated bikes and get them refurbished; and a bicycle-mounted police patrol.

Summary updated: June 2013

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