Arad (Romania)

The city of Arad in western Romania has a population of 172,000. It is an important industrial centre and transport hub and is home to two universities. Since Romania’s transition to a market economy, Arad has enjoyed industrial and commercial prosperity, which quickly increased car traffic...

Data on the modal split in Arad was not available at the time of writing, but the tram is the dominant feature of its public transport. The city has the largest tram network (220 kilometers) in Romania compared to the number of residents. Existing infrastructure offers great opportunities to exploit but also duties like maintenance.

The strategic approach to transport management is currently defined by the Arad Development Strategy 2007-2013/2010-2020, which was adopted in 2008. This resulted in the Urban Master Plan for Transport and Traffic in the City of Arad, the main target of which is the comprehensive rehabilitation of the transportation infrastructure, including the public transport system, facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, parking facilities, and traffic safety and signalling controls.

Achievements to date include the redesigning of traffic lanes, the introduction of a parking management concept, cycling infrastructure planning, and traffic control and management. Special emphasis on clean vehicles has been demonstrated through the prioritisation of the tram system.

Future plans include the development of a coordinated system for traffic management, a 5 km extension to the tram network, a network of designated bicycle routes and underground parking facilities. There are plans to procure 75 new low-floor IMPERO trams over the next few years, at the same time supporting local vehicle production capacities.

Arad implements its transport measures in cooperation with the county authority and the local transport operator. The measures are appreciated by local residents and also by transport experts. The city received an award for the development of local rail transportation from the state rail company Romanian Railways. At European level, Arad was nominated for the European Mobility Week Awards in 2008.

Summary finalized: November 2011.




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