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GPS positions sent by users.

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Mobile app

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  • Data gathering
  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Dissemination and communication
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  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions
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Does the next traffic light show green in a few seconds? Drive through or brake? Would you rather drive a little slower to stay in the Green Wave?

Or just cruise along as it will be a while before the lights turn green. And when exactly will it be green again?


trafficpilot shows visually and acoustically the suggested speed to pass the next traffic light without stopping. By following the speed recommendation, the users can reduce the stopping, braking and acceleration processes. If the stop in front of the traffic light is unavoidable, the remaining waiting time until the next green light is displayed. The app can be used either by bike or by car. The mode can be changed by tapping on the corresponding icon.



  • Smartphone for position determination and display/announcement of red-green forecast
  • Mobile radio for forecast retrieval from server
  • Digital cards (server-side) 
  • Functions for automatic map analysis and for determining the traffic light ahead in the direction of the motion (server-side)
  • Retrieval of traffic light's data via the traffic computer
  • Automatic data analysis of traffic lights for the forecast and optimization




  • Prevention of unnecessary stops
  • Avoidance of strong braking or acceleration maneuvers
  • Reduction of effort required for cycling (or fuel consumption and emissions for cars)
  • Relaxed and more even travel through the city
  • Cycling will become less exhausting and therefore more comfortable, so that in future there will be a greater switch from cars to bicycles.
  • Contribution to networked and automated cycling
  • Support during travel by displaying or announcing the appropriate speed for the Green Wave and other information.




Good Example

trafficpilot is currently released for the city of Dusseldorf (Germany).  It can be used (for both bikes and autos) in two test tracks of the city: in Luegalle and in the inner city area -showing the forecast of around 50 traffic lights.

The area is being constantly expanded with the aim to provide its availability in all the city until the end of the year. 



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