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1 month for free to test our solution, then it is a fixed monthly fee per bike.

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Hardware Mobile app Other Software

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  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Evaluation and monitoring
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  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions
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Smove.City provides cities and municipalities their own shared e-bike solution. We provide a mobile app, a fleet management platform for the city which gives full access to real time data, a fleet of e-bikes and we work together with local bike shops for the daily maintenance and operations. The city has a full control through our fleet management platform and can use the data for analysis and urban planning. We also provide webinars and educational material to cities to educate them based on the analysis of their data from the platform on how they can improve the mobility in their city. Through machine learning our platform can predict where the highest demand of bikes will be and during what time. Through the fleet management platform, the city has access to real time and historical mobility data of the usage of the electric bikes. The city uses this data for analysis and to improve their streets. After a few weeks we can predict the behavior of the users.

Our solution is not only a sustainable mobility platform that can easily integrate multiple sustainable electric vehicles (electric bikes, electric kick scooters, electric bikes, electric cars) it is also a fleet management and data analysis platform tool. Our fleet management platform uses machine learning to improve itself and to predict demand in certain areas during certain times. Our solution positively impacts communities and cities, our fleet of electric bikes are affordable, accessible, sustainable and easy to use. We impact a wide demographic, from young to old, women and men. Our platform allows the cities we work with to have a real understanding of the mobility in their city based on real time data, they use our data to further improve their streets and make the streets more bike friendly.

We work together with local bike shops for our maintenance and operations, this way we engage the community and create jobs.

Our solution differs from existing projects because we provide not only the electric bikes and mobile application, but we also provide a fleet management platform for the city to have real time data and to have a full control, this is what no other mobility providers does. We also provide educational materials and courses to cities to educate them on how they can use the data from our platform to improve their city and their streets. We engage with the community and we work together with these cities. This is where we are different. We can create behaviour change and we have the data to evaluate, measure, learn and improve people’s behavior!


More information on our website:

We are currently providing a summer pilot with 1 month free, to have an overview of our solution with bikes, mobile app and software have a look on this link:

Good Example

We are different: We provide a real solution; we work together with the city to help them leverage the mobility data from our platform so that they can improve their streets and use it for urban planning and we engage the community and create jobs by partnering up with local bike shops

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