Automated inspections of traffic signage

Automated traffic sign inspections

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Basque, English, French, German, Spanish

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Depends on area size/network length, and on frequency of the inspections

Application time

2-3 months

Tool type


Application area

  • Data gathering
  • Evaluation and monitoring

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


ASIMOB uses IoT and Computer Vision algorithms to help road authorities and operators in the maintenance of vertical traffic signage.

By deploying lightweight, low-cost devices in one or more vehicles, ASIMOB can collect video and data from the streets/roads in an automated way. These data are analyzed in ASIMOB's cloud-based servers using Computer Vision models that will detect, classify and geolocate the visible traffic signs.

The on-board devices work in an automated way, collecting video and data only where and when needed, without any disturbance to the driver.

The results are made available through a web-based application, where road operators can access:

  • A map-view of all traffic signs, with an indication of the direction to which it applies.
  • Direct access to the video footage where each traffic sign is located, to remotely verify its installation and surroundings.
  • A panel with the image from the latest inspection of all the traffic signs, where an operator can check in minutes their condition, and quickly spot graffiti, stickers, dirt, or tree branches starting to cover a sign.
  • For regular monitoring, a daily report with all the incidents detected: traffic signs that are no longer visible, or new traffic signs that have been detected.
  • A downloadable file (JSON) that can be exported to other Data Bases or systems. 

ASIMOB can also integrate the results in an existing TMC system, SmartCity platform or any other system.

Good Example

The main benefits of the tool include:

  • Fast creation/update of digital traffic sign inventories.
  • Regular monitoring of permanent traffic signs.
  • Remote and frequent monitoring of road works signage (including cones).

Every time an inspection is performed, the tool automatically creates a digital evidence of the condition of the traffic sign.

And, above all, it enables road operators the possibility of optimizing maintenance operations and budget, while making sure that each and every traffic sign in the road network is clearly visible to drivers, and to ADAS (and autonomous vehicles, in the near future).


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