Policy Position Paper on the Use of Drones

Policy Brief

Through this position paper, RECIPROCITY presents a comprehensive set of recommendations aimed at aiding local and regional authorities and European institutions in supporting the use of drones for passengers and goods transportation at local level.

RECIPROCITY highlights the importance of regulatory frameworks, sandboxes and financial support to effectively facilitate the seamless integration of drones into urban airspace. It also stresses the importance of launching awareness campaigns to educate communities and promote the benefits and safety measures associated with drone operations. Moreover, RECIPROCITY underscores the necessity of establishing EU partnerships to ensure common standards, regulations, and interoperability, thereby facilitating cross-border drone operations and enabling harmonised and effective integration in European urban areas. Based on the principles of performance-based regulation, standards should largely come from industry organisations, such as EUROCAE or ISO.

RECIPROCITY-Drones_policy paper_Final.pdf

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