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A wide range of different topics and creative ideas came out during the project, which is one of the four current CIVITAS neighbourhood planning projects.

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 12/Jun/2020

An estimated 22,800 people died in a road crash last year. That is almost 7,000 fewer fatalities than in 2010 and marks a decrease of 23%. This also marks a 2% fall compared with 2018.

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 11/Jun/2020

A new smart traffic counting system installed by the Municipality of Funchal has given the city concrete data that highlights how mobility patterns have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and th...

Author: Adrienne Kotler
Posted on: 10/Jun/2020

Did you miss CIVITAS ECCENTRIC webinar on electrification of municipal and private fleets? Or did you find it so interesting that you would like to watch it again? Then watch the recording now on C...

Author: Anniina Tupitsa
Posted on: 09/Jun/2020

Public transport and shared mobility are facing challenges driven by COVID-19 distancing rules, and the need t...

Author: Adrienne Kotler
Posted on: 03/Jun/2020

Smart Ways to Antwerp – the Belgian city’s programme to stimulate sustainable mobility behaviour – wants to prevent the modal split from tilting back in favour of the car in light of ongoing safety...

Author: Katia Kishchenko
Posted on: 26/May/2020

The share of EVs and PHEVs has increased up by 210%, from ~0.9% in the first half of 2019 to ~2.2% in the second half (out of total new vehicle registrations), in Romania, reveals...

Author: Violeta Mihalache
Posted on: 22/May/2020

After a year-and-a-half of mobility interventions in the CIVITAS SUNRISE neighbourhood in Jerusalem (Israel), positive results are becoming apparent.  

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 21/May/2020

Previously planned as a three-day conference in Brussels from 29 September to 1 October, the event's new online format will enable participants to join debates and exchange expertise on the most im...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 20/May/2020

The winners of the SUMP Award 2020 and the first ever EU Urban Road Safety Award were yesterday revealed as being Brussels Capital Region (Belgium) and Pontevedra (Spain).

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 19/May/2020

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