Zagreb concludes: Communication with citizens key

The final event of the CIVITAS ELAN team in Zagreb was held on 15 May 2012 and proved an excellent opportunity for the partners and all those actively involved in the project`s activities to reflect on the lessons learned and future activities.

One of the main conclusions identified by all partners was that better communication between the city and its citizens is essential, especially when it comes to sustainable mobility. Other important lessons learned included the following: The benefit of communication among partners and efficient coordination by the city is crucial for effective implementation of such a complex project. Realistic planning is not possible without relevant and up-to-date data. Different approaches should be accepted in finding joint solutions for better traffic flows; the needs of different stakeholders should be taken into account. Citizen engagement leads to better solutions. There is a need for close cooperation between public transport operators, experts and the city of Zagreb in mobility planning; only a planned, continuous, integrated and multi-disciplinary approach leads to effective and efficient mobility results. The team also discussed what should be done in the future: The city should build a continuous dialogue with citizens, specific groups and experts. Permanent data collection should be established. A dynamic strategy on the development of transport should be prepared in cooperation with the city administration, experts and other relevant stakeholders to answer expected needs. All partners valued the involvement in the CIVITAS ELAN project as a great learning experience.

Author: Pavić Rogošić Lidija


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