Will Winter Worsen EV Performance?

The fourth round of electric vehicle (EV) trials starts in Aalborg today. The main question in everyone's head: How will winter weather affect the performance of the test cars?

Since March 2011, three rounds of EV trials have been ongoing among ordinary families in Aalborg. So far experiences have been positive. The families who have taken part in the trials have described the cars as very reliable, easy to manouvre, fast and funny to drive. The fourth trial will start today and last for three months - the coldest time of the year. The performance of the cars has not yet been tested on a larger scale under the foreseen winterly conditions and therefore it will be very interesting to see which experiences the ten families will have. Low temperatures affect the performance of the battery and more electricity will be required to defrost the screens and heat the inside of the car. But how big the impact will be on the different types of cars, we will not know until after the trial. The city of Aalborg and the electric vehicle company in charge of the demonstration project, ChoosEV, will collect the drivers' experiences through a blog. The actual perfomance of the cars will be monitored through a log installed in each of the demonstrating cars. You can follow the project on www.TestEnElbil.dk

Author: Mogensen Jens



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