Vitoria-Gasteiz presents new bike master plan

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Vitoria-Gasteiz Town Hall has presented a first draft for a Bicycle Mobility Master Plan. With a nearly 22 million Euro investment, the Bike Master Plan aims to develop a new strategy to promote the bicycle in the city, and to reduce the use of private cars for urban trips.

The combination of bicycle and public transport will strengthen their role in local mobility, and will help to reduce air and noise pollution and will be the basis to reorder public space. The initiative, part of the Sustainable Mobility and Public Space Plan, seeks to reach a 15% of the modal split in 2020.The objectives of this Plan are:To integrate bike mobility with the rest of the transportation modes in the city.To develop suitable bike infrastructures.To promote the use of the bicycle as an everyday means of transport among the citizens.To propose measures that solve conflicts among the bikes and other transportation modes.To boost people’s participation in the development of the bicycle mobility.The Plan is structured in several operative programmes, so that each aspect of the bicycle mobility is tackled specifically: legislation, infrastructures, public bike service, public bike registration, community involvement, management and control.The Plan draft can be downloaded from the net (in Spanish):To download the plan click here.Photo by Quintas

Author: Juan Carlos Escudero


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