Vitoria-Gasteiz' mobility survey shows doubling of cycling share

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The 2014 mobility survey for the Basque capital city Vitoria-Gasteiz shows the city's share of cycling has almost doubled in three years. From 6.8% in 2011 it rose to 12.3% in 2014. This is the highest confirmed mode share of cycling in a Spanish city and a great success for the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz that is a partner of the European Biking Cities project

In a new publication on the results of Vitoria-Gasteiz' 2014 mobility survey MEP Michael Cramer, chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism, congratulates the city for its achievements. He further comments: "Vitoria-Gasteiz shows that political commitment at the top, a dedicated administration and a participative approach can quickly and considerably increase the share of cyclists also in cities outside the established European cycling nations."

The city's Environmental Studies Centre and the European Clean Air project, of which European Biking Cities is a subproject state in the publication's foreword:

"In line with the Charter of Brussels, signed by Vitoria-Gasteiz [in 2010], the Master Plan for Cyclist Mobility made bicycle promotion an integral part of the city's transport policy and set the ambitious goal of 15% cycling mode share by 2020 while maintaining the city's high mode share of walking of almost 55%. The recent mobility survey for 2014 now shows a strong increase in cycling while car traffic was reduced considerably from 28.4% down to 24.7% compared to 2011."

Journalists are invited to a study trip to Vitoria-Gasteiz (June 15-17) that will be funded by the Clean Air project. The program includes meetings with political officials, traffic planners and cycling activists as well as a bike tour to discover Vitoria-Gasteiz' cycling infrastructure and culture. Deadline for applications is May 18.

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