Video on public transport a hit!

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CIVITAS ELAN in Ljubljana has successfully been promoted by two funny, yet educational videos about sustainable modes of transport. So the partners decided to produce a third one.

  The video “Don’t worry, be happy (on your way to work)” promotes the use of public transport. The video is available at and has been viewed by approximately 14,000 people in two months!

Every working day, Ljubljana’s streets are crowded with commuters who travel to the capital from surrounding cities by car. Many of the 120,000 commuters could use public transport or the Park & Ride service instead but they just love their cars too much. The CIVITAS ELAN team tried to influence their habits with a video that shows nice things that can happen to a person on public transport.

The first video titled “Bicycle vs. Car” was launched in September 2010 and represents the benefits of cycling in urban areas. A year later, it had more than 28,600 views, which is far more than expected! The second video, titled “Urban race” was produced in November 2010 and it shows a race between a car driver, a cyclist and a surfer – presenting the challenges they face with each of these modes of transport.


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