Two Urban Logistics solutions for the last-mile delivery problem

Last mile logistics

Image from Pexels by Liza Summer

The rapid growth of e-commerce, the on-demand economy, and the associated surge in shipments, are escalating traffic and environmental pollution in cities. This reinforces the need for new and effective urban logistics concepts, not to mention ever-increasing customer demands, service improvements required to satisfy these demands, the desire for flexibility, and the growing importance of sustainability for companies and their value creation.

ULaaDS project partner Miebach Consulting, together with JLL and the Research Lab Urban Transport (ReLUT) of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, conducted a study at the beginning of 2023 to identify and examine new urban logistics trends. The focus of the conducted study was on the needs of the various players in urban logistics like manufacturers, retailers, and logistics service providers concerning the two aforementioned solutions.

Two main concepts were explored in the study: Urban Consolidation Centres (UCCs) and Micro Hubs.
The study found that nearly 72% of the companies that participated in the study expect to use an UCC within the next three years.

Read more about these two solutions to the last-mile delivery problem on the ULaaDS website here.

Authors: Nacho Sarrió, Víctor Ferran



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