The oMnibus Card flies to London

The city of Brescia has been invited to participate in the European meeting Transport Ticketing 2012 held from 24 to 26 January in London to present its Omnibus Card.

At Transport Ticketing 2012, the city of Brescia presented the Omnibus Card that provides access to several transport services developed in an integrated way. Giandomenico Gangi in charge of Mobility and Traffic Service said, "One of the measures of the project regards the development and updating the e-ticketing system. For this reason, we considered essential to create the Omnibus Card. In this way, users can access to bus services, bike sharing, car sharing, and park and ride, using a single membership card." Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Mobility and Traffic Fabio Rolfi expressed his satisfaction with the event, "Our presence in London represents primarily an important gratification. We are the first in Italy to offer an integrated service such as the one represented by the Omnibus Card. Within events of this kind, we can export our best practice and communicate across national borders our city values, understanding also how other cities are organized in the field of mobility and transport." The event was also a great opportunity to communicate the projects carried out by the municipality in the European context, through the CIVITAS project. Brescia Trasporti, Brescia Mobilità, and the University of Brescia are the local partners that contributed to develop the project. For further information about speakers, the programme, media partners and much more, please click here.

Author: Morris Urari



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