The City of Krakow will host the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2009

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The City of Krakow has been selected to be the host of the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2009 thanks to its experiences within the CIVITAS Initiative as demonstration city within the CIVITAS II project CIVITAS CARAVEL. In order to contribute to the implementation of EU sustainable policies by supporting, facilitating and accelerating radical reforms in the mobility and energy systems of European cities, Krakow has been acceded to CIVITAS CATALIST project as well. Krakow will be the perfect location for providing an efficient platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences and for visiting best practice examples on site.

The CIVITAS Forum Conference gathers all participating CIVITAS demonstration cities, and other cities that are committed to introducing ambitious, clean urban transport strategies. It is organised every year and hosts many instructive workshops and plenary sessions, where participants can debate about sustainable mobility concerns. The CIVITAS Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) designated Krakow as the host city for the next edition of the CIVITAS Forum based on specific selection criteria:political commitment to host the CIVITAS Forum Conferencerelevance of local measures to the forum themelogistic and organisation skillsIn Krakow the general transportation policy was laid down in a resolution of the City Council in 1993 (updated in July 2007) and is compatible with the recommendations of the OECD/ECMT Project Group. The detailed elaboration of the policy of improvement and development of the transportation system for Krakow has been applied in the Master Plan of Krakow, approved by the City Council in 1994. The major goal of Krakow’s transportation policy is to create conditions for efficient, safe, economic and environmentally friendly transport of passenger and goods.Good reasons why the City of Krakow will hold the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2009:Krakow has a rich history, offers traditional hospitality and a very wide range of culture, comfortable hotels and fantastic restaurantsIt is on the first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, among the most valuable world monuments, thus confirming the definitive value of the 1000 years history of the townIt is one of the oldest cities in Poland, preserving not only its monuments but also a specific ancient climateIt has unique Galician atmosphereHere science and art go hand in handKrakow belongs to these old cities on our continent where the past and tradition largely determine current developmentWe are looking forward to welcome you at the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2009 in Krakow!Further information will be available soon on the CIVITAS website.Please note: Only cities that have signed the CIVITAS Declaration can participate in the CIVITAS Forum. If your city has not yet signed the CIVITAS Declaration please find here more information about how to become a member of the CIVITAS Community.
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