Smarter public procurement for zero-emission urban freight

Over the past few months, the cities of Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) have been exploring zero-emission delivery options with regional suppliers for products and services in selected areas.

This forms part of their work within the BuyZet project.

A mapping exercise and intense discussion with internal stakeholders and other European cities and projects led to the selection of four priority procurement areas:

  1. Building and facility maintenance and repair services (Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam)
  2. Consolidation of deliveries (Copenhagen and Rotterdam)
  3. Industrial waste collection (Oslo)
  4. Construction material transportation (Rotterdam)

Following the identification of these, the cities devised a list of related actions:

  • The City of Rotterdam will launch a pilot project aiming at the zero-emission delivery of sand to construction sites in 2019. This is the sector with the highest transportation footprint in the city.
  • Copenhagen is launching a detailed study into options for establishing a consolidation center in the city for deliveries to administration buildings.
  • Oslo is aiming to develop a coalition of municipalities throughout Norway that have signaled their desire for zero-emission facility waste collection services.
  • All three cities are exploring how they can encourage craftsmen employed to work in city-owned facilities (such as cleaners, electricians, and plumbers) to switch to zero-emission vehicles or find other ways to reduce their transportation footprints.

In addition, the final six months of the BuyZET project will focus on the development of innovative procurement plans for each of these procurement sectors, based on further discussions with internal and external stakeholders.

Together with more general recommendations on promoting zero-emission delivery of goods and services through procurement, the plans will be written up and compiled in the BuyZET Handbook. This will be published next spring.

To find out more about the BuyZet project, click here.



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