Rolling out new public transport schemes in touristic hubs

In a variety of CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project sites, work is underway to improve the quality of and accessibility to collective passenger transport.  

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service called MetroGuagua is under construction. This combines the benefits of light trains (capacity and speed) with those of bus systems (low costs and flexibility).

DESTINATIONS is supporting the local municipality and transport operator, Guaguas Municipales, to implement the BRT by developing new technologies and digital solutions, such as real-time information at bus stops, ticketing devices, and hybrid buses. These are being tested using pilot schemes.

In addition, a series of communication activities, such as awareness raising campaigns and a video promotional clip, are taking place under DESTINATIONS. MetroGuaguais scheduled to open in 2021.

On the island of Madeira (Portugal), the public transport (PT) system has been a hot topic in recent policy debates. After studying the needs of the local population and PT network, it became clear that high ticket prices were the main obstacle to PT use.

To change this, the price of monthly travel passes was drastically reduced in April 2019. Their price now represents 7.5 per cent of a family earning the minimum wage; the drop has made them far more affordable for families and people with low incomes.

To promote PT use, bus stops with accessibility and safety problems were identified and improved, although this proved challenging on the narrow streets of Madeira's capital, Funchal. For better PT planning, the city is testing bus passenger counting systems using cameras at bus entry and exit doors.

In Limassol (Cyprus), 18 hotels have been awarded the Green Label certification and are committed to promoting PT as a sustainable transport mode.

As part of this, they are distributing the new TouristMobility Card to customers. Users benefit from discounts and offers, such as at tourist attractions and for usage of bike rental and sharing services.

Additionally, the PT information system will be improved through the installation of 25 electronic displays in buses and at bus stops. These will display real-time travel information.

See all DESTINATIONS mobility measures in Limassol, Las Palmas, and Madeira here.

Authors: Antonio Artiles (Guaguas Municipales), Jordi Casas (Cinesi), Andreia Quintal (Horarios do Funchal), and Demetris Frosynis (Limassol Tourism Board).

Photo credit: Guaguas Municipales






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