Results from the CIVITAS European Urban Mobility Labour Market Research

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Which skills and knowledge are needed by urban mobility professionals working at and for urban mobility planning authorities? This is the central question addressed in a recent CIVITAS report focussing on the urban mobility labour market in Europe. This report is the result of the European Urban Mobility Labour Market Research conducted under the CIVITAS MUSE project, the current CIVITAS Coordination and Support Action. 

Through a combination of a survey, interviews with CIVINETs and their stakeholders, a session with the CIVITAS Educational Network, consultation sessions with urban mobility professionals as well as desk research, valuable insights into the current state of this sector have been acquired. Both general trends and those driven by the European Union impact urban mobility organisations, especially planning authorities, their modus operandi and the knowledge and skills that are necessary by professionals working in those organisations.

Gaps in critical urban mobility knowledge areas as well as specific skills for urban mobility professionals were identified. Among others, aspects such as variations in city size, the presence of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and gathered insights from managers were considered.

This research underscores the dynamic nature of the European urban mobility labour market. To thrive in this evolving field, it is crucial to address knowledge gaps, encourage the acquisition of necessary skills and support capacity-building initiatives. Capacity building efforts undertaken by CIVITAS MUSE will build on the results of this research and programme upcoming activities accordingly. The authors of this report would like to express their sincere gratitude to all interviewees (CIVINETs and their stakeholders), participants of the CIVITAS Educational Network session dedicated to this topic, participants of the consultation sessions as well as all survey respondents.

Read the report here!

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