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PUBLIC SURVEY IN PLOIESTI - means to evaluate the importance of CIVITAS-SUCCESS measures for the PT usersAs part of the WP 3 Evaluation, RATP Ploiesti subcontracted a public survey to evaluate the CIVITAS - SUCCESS measures which were already implemented as well as our intentions for the next months.

The user survey took place in August 2007. One of the questions referred to the awareness level of the public transport users regarding the measures implemented within CIVITAS-SUCCESS project.The highest level of notoriety has been reached by:- M 8.8 - new shelters in the stops (69%)- M 5.8 - conversion of old polluting diesel buses into LPG use (66%)- M 12.13 - information panels in the stops (66%)The lowest level of notoriety has been reached by:- M 8.8 - bike facilities in the stops (only 28% of the respondents having known about it)- M 12.12 - new ticketing system for the public transport vehicles (32%)- M 12.11 - implementation of the GPS system for the PT fleet (36%)Even if the RATPP actions have various levels of notoriety within the PT users, they consider them all very useful. The average score is around 4.4 - 4.5 on a scale between 1 (the least useful) and 5 (the most useful).It is important to notice that women agree with the utility of these actions more than the men do.Moreover, the elders (age over 54) appreciate more the comfort both in the public transport vehicles and in the stops than the youth (age between 18 and 34).Finally, taking into consideration all the actions implemented by RATPP in Civitas - Success project, the quality of the public transport in Ploiesti is appreciated around 4 on a scale between 1 and 5. The next public survey is to be done in 12 months` time, i.e. in August 2008.

Author: Daniela Pana


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