Political Kick-Off Meeting of the 2MOVE2 Project

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Political representatives from Tel Aviv-Yafo, Brno, Malaga and Stuttgart met in the City Hall of Stuttgart on 18 June 2013 to discuss their visions and plans for sustainable mobility in European cities.

Fritz Kuhn, Mayor of Stuttgart, officially welcomed the project partners and external stakeholders from industry and research and described the main aspects of the new program for sustainable mobility in Stuttgart of which 2MOVE2 is part. The City representatives from the other 2MOVE2 partners presented their strategies to cope with ecological and social challenges of the 21st century. Growing traffic in our cities may lead to more land consumption, more noise, more pollution and less quality of life for the citizens. To deal with these challenges, European cities have to create long-term strategies for a sustainable urban mobility, which has to be environmental-friendly, socially inclusive and economy promoting. Supported by the European Commission, the four 2MOVE2 cities and their partners are developing and implementing various measures which follow this objective. The policy debate concluded that for a successful long-term strategy for sustainable urban mobility it is indispensable to actively involve companies and researchers as well as citizens. Highlight of the Political Kick-off meeting was a site visit tour by hybrid bus along the route of CIVITAS-2MOVE2 measures in Stuttgart. At the first stop at two charging stations for electronic vehicles the participants learned about the sharing systems Car2go and Call-a-bike. Next stop was the Mobility Information and Service Centre m-Punkt Stuttgart. On the way to the Integrated Traffic Management Centre (IVLZ) the participants had a look on the test site of a measure concerning emission-based traffic control.



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