Pedestrianising downtown Craiova at weekends

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The creation of a pedestrian area at weekends is an initiative being introduced by the Municipality of Craiova. The initiative is the first stage in the transformation of the downtown area into a recreation area where vehicle access is strictly limited.

The implementation of two measures will solve some issues related to restricting vehicle access in the downtown area of Craiova. The measures will see the centre of Craiova declared as a permanent pedestrian area not only at weekends.1. The installation of an automatic barrier on one of the access ways in downtown. This barrier will allow controlled access of vehicles in the pedestrian area.2.The development of differential access scheme for vehicles in the restricted area which will take the degrees of vehicle pollution into account. Different access schemes will be developed for residents and for freight and goods supply activities in the downtown area.By solving these problems a permanent area that is closed to vehicles will be created, as well as the transition of the downtown area into a walking area and playground for children. Since January 2009, the municipal centre has been transformed into a recreation area for two days per week. It is a real joy to watch children and young people walking, running, roller-skating, bicycling in the boulevard at the weekend - on streets that are full of cars during the week.In August, the Craiova City Hall launched the We get people moving” campaign, creating street-ball courts downtown for playing basketball and football.


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