Numbers tell the tale in Gent

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From 10 November, the citizens of Gent can travel with a very special tram: the 'meter tram'. This CIVITAS branded tram will meticulously measure the energy used when the tram is riding through Gent.

Green, Greener Greenest: Just like all other public transport means, a tram uses energy. But how can this energy consumption be reduced? Turn down the heating? Better regulation of the recuperated break energy? To answer these questions, public transport company 'De Lijn' will measure the energy consumption of one tram over a period of one year. The main energy consumers such as heaters and pneumatic air suspension will be mapped out, the temperature will be recorded, along with other monitoring measures. On the basis of this data, De Lijn will adapt all their trams in order to reduce energy consumption and costs to an absolute minimum. In this way transport in Gent will become even greener.

Author: Patrick De beuf


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