New trams and buses in Zagreb go alternative

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The last of 70 new innovative tramway vehicles were introduced into the Zagreb public transport fleet on 30 June 2010. The introduction of new trams produced by the Crotram consortium contributed to decreasing electricity consumption (by feeding back electricity into the network) and decreasing noise level by using innovative technology.

This also improved the accessibility of public transport, making transportation by tram more attractive to the citizens of the city and improving security standards for passengers and staff through use of CCTV in vehicles. Aside from modernising the PT fleet and increasing security, the innovative aspect is also the application of energy efficient technologies to return power into the electrical supply network while using brakes in tramways.The gradual substitution of the existing fleet by state-of-the-art vehicles made travel by PT more attractive to the public. A survey carried out by ODRAZ - Sustainable Community Development among more than 400 citizens of Zagreb showed their almost unanimous judgment that the new low-floor trams are a major recent PT improvement. New technology improvements, like displays in the vehicles were also highly praised.ZET (Public Transport Operator in the City of Zagreb) also acquired 214 low-floor buses (160 - 100 biodisel and 60 CNG buses of the whole number are included in CIVITAS ELAN project). Following environmental standards, ZET started to use biodiesel in public transportation vehicles and compressed natural gas (CNG).The radio connection system is modernised and traffic monitoring and control are computerised by introducing a vehicle location system.

Author: Branko Mikinac


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